February 21, 2017   
  The Milwaukee Streetcar continues to make progress. Read below for information on recent news and steps forward. As always, get the latest news by liking the project on Facebook and following on Twitter. If you live or work on or near the route, you may also want to sign up for Construction News emails here. Thank you for your ongoing interest!  
Streetcar rails coming, track construction to start   City seeks firm to operate the streetcar

Streetcar rails coming, track construction to start


Photo courtesy Martin Di Caro/WAMU 88.5 FM.

City seeks firm to operate the streetcar


Track construction for The Milwaukee Streetcar's first phase will begin this spring, likely starting in March with delivery of steel rail. The 474 80-foot "sticks" of rail for tracks along the Phase 1 route will be delivered in batches over one to two week weeks to five "drop" locations along the route (see map for locations). The steel rails will be welded at each drop into longer track sections of up to 320 feet in length before being installed in streets.  The first welding will start at the drop west of the Amtrak station on St. Paul Avenue shortly after delivery. Welding will then move to the other drops, with all welding for Phase 1 completed over about four weeks. Actual track installation in the roadway is expected to begin in April on W. St. Paul Ave. between Plankinton and 4th St. Track will be installed on other parts of the route starting later this spring and continue through 2018.


The City of Milwaukee has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking an operator for Milwaukee's streetcar system. A preproposal conference is scheduled for March 2, with responses due by April 4. Contract talks with a preferred bidder would occur in April, with a finalized contract sought by late summer 2017. The services required under the proposed contract will include all day-to-¬day functions associated with streetcar operation, including, but not limited to, start-up and testing; service dispatch and management, hiring and training of staff; basic safety training of system stakeholders such as utility providers, emergency responders and City departments; implementation of safety and testing programs; maintenance of vehicles; maintenance of track, facilities, stations and systems; required maintenance and repair of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and similar systems in the OMF; support for emergency response; and more. Documents are available on the Department of Public Works website.

Streetcar holds jobs recruitment session   The momentum is building

Streetcar holds jobs recruitment session


The momentum is building


One of the city's primary goals in building a streetcar system is local job creation, both as a result of construction and the economic development expected to follow.  As part, the City is working with WRTP/BIG STEP, a nonprofit workforce intermediary dedicated to connecting people to family-sustaining jobs.  Together, along with the streetcar's construction management firm, Kiewit Infrastructure, they recently held a job recruitment and information session.  The January 26th event attracted nearly 200 job seekers and provided an update on the streetcar project and related training and employment opportunities.  Plans for construction of the Phase 1 and Lakefront Line extension include a DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) goal of 21% and an RPP (Residents Preference Program) goal of 40%.  For residents interested in entering the trades and working on the streetcar or any other construction project, please reach out to WRTP/BIG STEP at 414-342-9787.


With all of the many exciting new public and private developments in the central business area, including The Milwaukee Streetcar, it's certain that downtown businesses will really appreciate your continued patronage and support. Streetcar track construction is expected to begin in the coming months and a few extra moments of your time to navigate roadway and parking inconveniences will mean the world to your favorite small business owner. Keep in mind; great things are in the works!



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